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12 Jun 2022

'Mending Circle' in "An die Arbeit"

The FHP brings 'Mending Circle' in the Lessingerpark in Chemnitz, Germany, June 12th 2022, from 2pm – 5pm.

Under the theme "An die Arbeit" Klub Solitaer invited the Feministische Handwerk Partij among many other visual artists, theater makers, collectives, writers and lecturers, from June 11nth - 25th, to share different approaches and perspectives on various aspects of the thematic complex "work" with the district Sonnenberg (Chemnitz, Germany) and to set impulses in dialogue with this neighborhood.
With a 14-day program in theory and practice, they want to provide a broad public with low-threshold access to diverse cultural and artistic formats around the topic.

Working is a common social activity, which nevertheless divides us. Different forms of work are assigned different values. If one deals with the topic of work, there are various questions to be investigated: Why do we work? Do we live to work or work to live? Can taking a break also be work? Together with the urban community and experts from the region and abroad, they want to find out.

Klub Solitaer is an association active in the field of contemporary arts and district development and have been creating cultural offerings in the Chemnitz district Sonnenberg for more than ten years. They invited the FHP to realize a workshop within the project, centering on the topic of Care Work.